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Guillermo del Toro on At The Mountains of Madness, “It would be fantastic to do it!”

July 12, 2014

So we’re back to the on then off again story of del Toro doing At the Mountains of Madness…. arrrg just make it!  Anyway he’s just done an AMA on Reddit, I was too late to the party but others did get there to ask him about the project and here is his reply:


If you can’t see the image, then this is what he said:

It would be fantastic to do it! I promise that if we don’t get to do it for some reason, I will do my best to have Universal allow us to publish the book with all the making of, the behind the scenes art that we generated, because it is staggeringly beautiful. But any Lovecraft movie I could do, I would love – I love many of his tales, so if it’s not Mountains, I hopefully can do one day one of his smaller short stories.

So hope is yet alive…

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