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Couple of Guardian Articles

March 9, 2015

I’ve been featured in a couple of Guardian articles, so I thought I’m mark that here on me’ old blog…

The first was on newsgaming ahead of the Guardian/Rezzed/Creative Assembly newsgame jam:

“When you make a newsgame you into into a whole new world of controversy,” says Rawlings. “When we released Endgame, we had people telling us that we were clearly on the side of the regime because the game was difficult so we were trying to put people off siding with the rebels; then we had people saying that, because you play on the rebel side, the game is pro-rebel.

“So you hit all those journalistic issues to do with bias, but then you also hit the issue of it being a game. That happened a lot with Narco – people said ‘how dare you treat this serious issue as a game’. You have to be prepared to stand by your work, even more than if you’d have written a song or an essay. You need to say, no, a game can be sensitive to the material.”

The second was some commentry on the new Apple Watch…

“One area I’m interested is in how this might be used for board games. This form has been undergoing a renaissance in recent years as crowdfunding has connected players with creators. You can see the tentative steps in this area with games like One Night Ultimate Werewolf, which uses a companion app to assist the gameflow. Linking that app to a player and their movements adds lots of possibilities; think Cluedo played around the house or Hide and Seek 2.0…”

In other news I’ve been channeling the spirit of 80s/90s B-Movies….

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