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#Newsgames – Playing the Headlines (Article on

May 14, 2015

I’ve got an article in GamesIndustry.Biz with contributions from Professor Janet Jones (LSBU) & Tom Phillips & Paul Curry of BuzzFeed on newsgames. It’s a reflection on our gamejam at LSBU;

We recently took part in a newsgame jam at London South Bank Universityalongside developers from BuzzFeed; in that room were people who’d collectively made something like 80 newsgames in the last couple of years. That’s a lot of development in a short space of time. Back in my days as a developer at a bigger studio I spend around 3 years on a single game. By contrast we’ve made a newsgame in a single working day. What was interesting about this gathering of developers is how much we had in common about how we created games, even though we’d arrived at those same methodologies from very different directions… (and I should thank Paul Curry of BuzzFeed, as his presentation on the day was what inspired this article!) So this article gives you some advice from the frontlines of super rapid game creation with some ideas you can try, even if you don’t create newsgames yourself.

Past articles for them are here.

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