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Fear, Loathing, Cards and Cthulhu on the Campaign Trail #Cthulhu2016

February 2, 2016

Update! The game was funded 100%+ sop thanks all! We’re in production now:

Original Story: Proud to announce that I’m working on another project with Cthulhulic themes I’m keen to share with you all. It’s about power, fear, loathing and hope (or the loss of); in short it’s about politics. Yup, that sort of fear and loathing.

We’ve (as in GameTheNews) have teamed up with political satire site Wonkette to create a card game about the US elections, but early on in the process I could not let the opportunity pass to inject a massive dose of Mythos into the design, after all who does not deep-down wish to see Cthulhu for President?


So if this sounds like fun, you can join in the project here. We’re super-keen to get people part of the design process, as we’ve got the game worked out and mapped the content, but know there will be many brilliant ideas floating out there in the ether that we wish to distil into the game.

More info in the video…

So…join us! Join Us! JOIN US!

PS. A few more links:

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