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Notes Ahead of Develop Talk on Crowdfunding

July 9, 2016

I’m going to be talking at Develop in Brighton on Crowdfunding. Here’s the blurb:

Second Generation Crowdfunding: How to Make Crowdfunding & Kickstarter Work for You

July 12th. Room 5, 3-3.45pm

As Kickstarter and crowdfunding mature, we’ve seen the high profile successes with big names and IPs; but what about the indies without either? As it gets harder to get traction what are the new ways you can approach crowdfunding to make it work as it reaches it’s ‘Second Generation’. Having successfully funded a new IP based on the US elections, Auroch Digital knows the struggles of crowdfunding and will share what worked and what didn’t for them & how it fits into a wider company strategy.

Couple of links of interest in advance…

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