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Game Dev Quick Links – Aug 2017 (I read lots of game dev stuff so you don’t have too!) Few day late edition!

September 2, 2017

Following on from July’s quick links: Each month I put together a few links that get added to the Bristol Games Hub newsletter. As an active games developer, I do read a fair amount around game dev, bizdev and the art and culture of games development. We also get posted links in the hub discussion space and sometimes people send me links. Here’s some context for them…

A great thread on diversity –  The Guardian’s Keith Stuart talks about why diversity matters for the games industry. Speaking as part of that industry he’s totally right. Worth a read though.

Nintendo’s mobile sales surge 450% – While most of the indies I know are focused on PC/Steam (for many reasons, mainly that free-to-play is an expensive club to join) mobile continues to the be the biggest part of our industry both in player numbers and income. Nintendo is making good use of mobile to get its game out there and make money. BTW here’s how mobile fits into the wider picture of games (source Digi-Capital):


Team17: Digital storefronts need a radical rethinking – Good on Team17 for pointing this out. Discovery is a major, major issue. App stores are often feedforward loops, as in popular titles get more visibility so more players, so become more popular. Helping players find new things they might like is a major issue.

GI.Biz – VR, Steady as she goes – Lots of digital ink going into looking at VR and what it might (or might not) be. However what seems key to me is to not expect huge changes, but to see a medium adapting to both existing markets and creating new ones.

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