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It’s #CthulhuThursday – Santos vs Cthulhu & more…

September 21, 2017

Hello fellow worshipers of mythos, it’s Cthulhu Thursday again. We start with this amazing image thanks to the Pulp Librarian:

We also admire how wool can be used to describe the indescribable…

Also of note is that episode of the Lovecraftian comedy, Quiet & Bold is online (start with Pt.1 here…) so you need to give it a listen ‘cos it’s amazing…

PS. I’ve now got all 3 hardbacks of Providence and it’s quite a read. Amazing. I’m planning to write much, much more on this… stay tuned…


(Cthulhu Thursday is a dose of Mythos to brighten darken your week. More on the idea can b
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