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Cthulhu Thursday – Fixed Edition

September 28, 2017

I’m sorry to say some evil Mi-Go got hold of a partially completed posted and published it! Shock! Horror! Who knows what next they might do! So sorry about that. I’ve fixed the post now…

On with the show: with some haunting music played by…

I’m really excited for Stranger Things 2 – and guess who has influenced it?

Stranger Things is famously rooted in ’80s nostalgia, but for the season 2 monster, it took inspiration from even further back: early 1900s writer H.P. Lovecraft. The author wasn’t widely recognized during his prime, but after his death in 1937, he achieved posthumous acclaim for his work in horror fiction — something Stranger Things knows well. Now, Lovecraft is regarded as one of the most celebrated 20th century writers in the genre, most notably for works like The Call of Cthulhu and The Shadow over Innsmouth.

I’ve backed Cult Simulator on Kickstarter as it looks amazing!

I also got this from Reddit, not strictly Lovecraftian, but creepy!


The next image has a spoiler note attached! It’s for Alan Moore’s providence. Stop reading now if you’ve not read it and want too!

This is one of the ghouls from Providence #7. There is more on the photoshoot here.


Ghoul photo via Mitch Jenkins and SusannaPeretzFx

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