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Article on HuffPo: Meeple Rising: How Digital Technology Is Growing, Not Killing Board Games

October 7, 2017

As I’ve been working on, playing and also thinking about video games a lot, I’ve got an article on Huffington Post on Board Games:

As a digital game developer there might be a perception that what we do is all about the technology, that we’re always on to the new and shiny “next big thing”. And in part, yes, our industry is driven by changes in technology and they do constantly alter the landscape into which we release titles. So the antithesis of this might seem to be the board game: bits of card instead of GPUs, a couple of dice in place of CPUs, and an instructions manual instead of interactive tutorials. Chalk and cheese.

However the reality is quite different.

On the subject of related articles, there is also a new post on GameTheNews about AI, news and Ogre:

So while AI comes into the view of policy makers now, for science fiction creators it’s been a subject of thought for decades. … the 1977 classic board game Ogre, in part inspired by the Bolo novels, explores a future where AI is transplanted into huge cybernetic tanks so large and inhuman they even scare the humans fighting on the same side. Called ‘Ogres’ these immense tanks face off against each other on the battlefields of the last war. Ogre has both entertained and provoked debate around the subject for four decades now with its fearsome predictions of a near-future blighted by both AI and nuclear weapons.


And also this on Wired about the game Pandemic is good!

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