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#CthulhuThursday Not the 1st Edition, but 1st with the Links…

October 12, 2017

First off, a picture of Ogrethulu to celebrate the launch of Ogre last week!


Next we have news that a Lovecraftian 1st edition went up for auction on 5th Oct…

Have you ever wanted to own a first-edition H.P. Lovecraft book, to breathe in its sulphurous, deathless pages, preferably while wearing black robes and chanting? Obviously we all do. But only one of us will have the opportunity: Lovecraft’s first edition of his first novel — The Shunned House, 1928 — along with many others, will be going up for auction.

Happy news for board game players…

Join the search to stop innumerable cults worshipping a single, dreaded being in Masks of Nyarlathotep, a new expansion for Eldritch Horror from Fantasy Flight Games, inspired by the classic Call of Cthulhu roleplaying adventure! At the same time, you can experience the adventure anew in your roleplaying group with a new edition of the Masks of Nyarlathotep adventure from Chaosium that brings the definitive Call of Cthulhu roleplaying campaign into the game’s seventh edition.

Finally there is this amazing King in Yellow King image by Geber Luis…

(Cthulhu Thursday is a dose of Mythos to brighten darken your week. More on the idea can be found here and a list of posts thus far, here. Also some upcoming Cthulhu news, sign up to the Auroch Digital’s newsletter. Enjoy!)

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