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#CthulhuThursday – Reflecting the Dark Mirror of Chaos!

November 2, 2017

So we start with a bit of art, an image of the dreaming one…

Amazing art! Next I am compelled to talk of our Kickstarter – we’re fully funded and past the first stretch goal! Here is the path to maDneSS, aI! ai!…


Next is this really interesting article on the enduring attraction of Lovecraft’s work in RPG form:

Call of Cthulhu has been around for decades, and for good reason. Created by Sandy Peterson, it’s widely considered one of the best roleplaying games ever created—not only for its interesting storylines, but also for how it subverts the typical RPG genre. Unlike games like Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu is about pain and loss. You’re always outmatched, outclassed, and overwhelmed by the threats you face, and the rewards usually aren’t dropped loot, kingdoms saved, or love everlasting. Rather, the true reward is in doing the right thing, no matter the cost. This game isn’t about the hero getting a happy ending—saving the world often means sacrificing your mind, body, or sanity.

And something else interesting I’ve not added to my to-read list – some African Horror!

As should be obvious by now I not only thoroughly enjoyed Dead Corpse but I am also a huge fan of Nuzo Onoh’s work as a whole. By bringing her vision of African Horror to the world she expands our borders, broadens our imaginations and adds her writings to the treasure trove of our beautiful genre. I consider Dead Corpse to be a breath of fresh air…

Finally the ever fascinating 41 Strange has a haunting image from a 1920s horror film..

See you next time!

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