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Though #CthulhuThursday in Time and Space!

November 23, 2017

Hello cultists! Lots of great and terrible things to share. First off I’m adding to my (ever growing) reading list The Peaslee Papers which sounds very good. If you recall Peaslee is the man who mind is inhabited by Yithians in The Shadow Out of Time.  Now a writer has fleshed out the Peaslee family story…

They play the Long Game, the purpose of which is hidden, perhaps even from themselves. They shall be as saviors, manipulating forces we do not and cannot understand. … But even this is only part of the Long Game, a game in which the universe itself is the prize. The Yith Have Always Been With Us… and So Have the Peaslees. Twenty-two tales of cosmic horror detailing the further exploits of H.P. Lovecraft’s Peaslee family, their ancestors, and descendants.

Find out more here.

Next up is good news for fans of the excellent Call of Cthulhu RPG…

I have noted before a good short film with a Lovecraftian vibe: Experiment 17. Lots of people on Reddit liked this. One commentator pointed out there was an Experiment 18 too. Some people take it too far!

(Speaking of Reddit, did you know there is some controversy about the appointment of a lifelong judge who is a Lovecraftian author? For me his taste in fiction is not an issue, it’s the fact that he’s never tried a case before that is. That and his views on race and equality.)

Onwards.Now I should have written this blog post using this font! Of course I should have!!


Yes be careful what you write with it… words have power…

Finally of course of KS for Cthulhu Christmas Cards ended and ended well. We’re busy fulfilling that now…

You can still (just about) jump in here if you missed out!

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