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The Development of Chainsaw Warrior

June 15, 2019

Following an odd conversation at work, I dug out a flow chart that I’d made as part of the development of the classic Chainsaw Warrior. To set the scene, the game is a 1989 boardgame by Stephen Hard and published by Games Workshop where a lone cybernetic warrior has to enter a demon-infested New York to save the city. Here’s the trailer:

So the boardgame looks quite simple in terms of components;


Chainsaw Warrior Original Board Game

But it has an excellent gameplay system that is quite complex to convert;

CW flow chart

(If you click that link, you get the PDF) If that sounds of interest, do check out the podcast on it here (scroll down to the ‘deep dive’ into Chainsaw Warrior). Also you can grab the game and sequel on Steam.

Oh and there are t-shirts too! Selling fast…..

CW tshirt

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