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Mars Horizon has launched! Some links, podcasts and resources.

November 21, 2020

So proud & pleased to say that Mars Horizon has finally launched. The game is now out on PC, PS4, Xbox & Switch. You can grab it here. Here’s a quote from me:

“I’m extremely proud of all the team at Auroch Digital – from development right through to marketing – for the resoundingly successful launch of Mars Horizon.

I’m also extremely grateful to all of our partners in the project without whom it would not be the success it is; our publisher, The Irregular Corporation, who have been steadfast in their support for the project and brought considerable marketing and production resources and expertise into the mix.

Also the European Space Agency – ESA and the UK Space Agency who have been able to give us a level of expert input that completely lifted the authenticity of the game, and in the process have engaged so many more people with the actual work of space exploration.

This project hit on two key pillars of the work we do at Auroch Digital; it showed our commitment to connecting gaming to real world events and also the simultaneous cross-platform release demonstrated our development capacity to bring games to console as well as PC. We hope you all enjoy our game!”

If you want to know more, here’s the trailer:

The game’s FAQ page is here. If you’re enjoying the game, always great to get a review!

Over the years of development, we’ve put out a number of podcasts on the game, listed here in chronological order, newest to oldest:

(There is an index of other podcast episodes, indexed, that we’ve done before, here)

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