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So long 2016… Here’s comes 2017…

December 20, 2016

So it’s a farewell to 2016. It’s been a tough year all round politically.

For us a Auroch Digital it has been a positive one in our work…

In February our GameTheNews title ‘Endgame:Syria’ was in ‘50 App Reinventing Modern Gaming‘ (sadly as the news from Syria has continued to be bleak. You can donate to help people there here. We have.)

In June Last Days of Old Earth exited from Early Access – and we’ve been getting happy player comments since.

In July we announced a joint project with Steve Jackson Games  an adaptation of the classic Ogre!

Over the course of the year we’ve been drip-feeding more about Dark Future: Blood Red States. We’re super excited about this title and you can catch up here. (We got a great reception from fans at Warhammer World too… Thanks all!)

In newsgames over at GameTheNews we also crowdfunded and launched our first ever physical card game with Wonkette – Elections of US America Elections. You can also check out these reviews of Elections… from God is a Geek and Gameosity. You can buy a copy here too!

See you in 2017!

Future Games Summit 2016

November 2, 2016

I’m on a panel talking about Augmented Reality at this event on 23rd Nov in London

12:05 Interactive Panel Discussion: Augmented Reality Games – Where Do We (Pokémon) Go from here?
  • What does the Pokémon Go story mean for the future of mobile games development?
  • Developing new revenue streams with AR
  • The role of AR in increasing opportunities for creative brand marketing
CHAIR: Michele Baker, Content Strategist, The Digital Marketing Bureau
Simon Gardner, CEO, Climax Studios
Dr Tomas Rawlings, Design & Production Director, Auroch Digital
Roger Walkden, Senior Director, HoloLens
Steve Dann – Co–Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot and ARVR Association
So if you’re about, why not check it out!
BTW: This sort of thing…

GameTheNews Special on #Twitch Where I Lose At My Own Game

September 29, 2016

Myself and AurochJake recently did a play though of a couple of our newsgames; NarcoGuerra and Endgame:Syria on our Twitch channel. Here’s how it went… (short answer I got peace in one, lost the other!)

Plus we chatted about newsgames, the games themselves and other things!

More streaming tomorrow, if you’re about!

Dark Future: Blood Red States – Steam Page Live! #DarkFuture

September 24, 2016

nd We’ve been working on this project for a while now, so very happy to say it’s reach a key point: the Steam page is live!  So if you’re a Steam user then please add to your wishlist!

Here’s the original trailer…

And there is lots of good info on the game on the official site:

Going to be on Auroch’s Twitch 23rd Sept!

September 21, 2016

Quick update! I’m going to be joining @AurochJake, our social media manager on Friday 23rd September on Auroch Digital’s new Twitch channel.

We’re going to be playing some of our GameTheNews titles; Endgame:Syria and NarcoGuerra as well as other chats and more.

Here’s how such things look, if you’ve not seen Twitch before:

So just go to on on Friday GMT 4.30PM /CEST 5.30PM /EDT 11.30AM /PDT 08.30AM and watch us play!

Understanding #PokemonGo in Tweets

July 21, 2016

As you’ve probably noticed of late, there is a new game mixing the global cultural phenomena of Pokémon with Augmented Reality. Here’s the best tweets I’ve seen on it. So to start with, what is it?

Then you might ask, how does it work?

OK, then you might ask – is it popular. Errr. yes. YES.

So we now know what it, how it works and that it’s done well. What about it’s impact? It’s seems it is getting people out and about in positive ways!

Finally, the combination of a cultural icon with new technology has created moments of zeitgeist:

Which is why all the media is covering it…

Develop Article on My Kickstarter Talk

July 12, 2016

My talk on 2nd Generation Kickstarter has been written up by Develop Online…

Simply aiming to hit a financial target on crowdfunding services such as Kickstarter can leave short-sighted developers with a host of other troubles.

That was the key warning from Auroch Digital’s Tomas Rawlings during his talk at the Develop: Brighton conference, where he offered those looking to offer their ideas out for public funding a series of tips designed to make the most of crowdfunding.

Rawlings urged devs to not just learn from successfully-funded projects, but also to identify what went wrong with campaigns that failed to hit their goal.

Links from the talk are here.