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Links From My #DevelopConf Talk on Kickstarter

July 12, 2016

Here are the links from my talk at Develop Conference 2016:

Oh and our Kickstarter video…


Notes Ahead of Develop Talk on Crowdfunding

July 9, 2016

I’m going to be talking at Develop in Brighton on Crowdfunding. Here’s the blurb:

Second Generation Crowdfunding: How to Make Crowdfunding & Kickstarter Work for You

July 12th. Room 5, 3-3.45pm

As Kickstarter and crowdfunding mature, we’ve seen the high profile successes with big names and IPs; but what about the indies without either? As it gets harder to get traction what are the new ways you can approach crowdfunding to make it work as it reaches it’s ‘Second Generation’. Having successfully funded a new IP based on the US elections, Auroch Digital knows the struggles of crowdfunding and will share what worked and what didn’t for them & how it fits into a wider company strategy.

Couple of links of interest in advance…

GameTheNews Springs into Action

June 28, 2016


We have been on a mission for the last couple of months to put some more time into those regular tasks which tend to get swept aside as soon as things get busy with projects. As part of this agenda, GameTheNews has been getting scheduled time from our marketing team, to route out interesting game news stories and post them weekly.

Recent posts have included taking a look at Surgeon Simulator’s Trump upgrade, take a look as this is you have any interest in being able to slap Donald Trump round the face with a steak.

Also looking at more serious stories such as the game Liyla & the Shadows of War and how Apple have been forced by pressures from the internet community to change their decision to allow it on the App Store.

To read these articles and keep an eye on what we’ll be looking at in the future, head to

Chartboost asked my opinion on viewable gaming, here’s what I said…

June 23, 2016

Chartboost’s monthly Industry Insider Roundtable brought me in to discuss the topic, viewable gaming – success secret or dev distraction?

CaptureMyself, along with Steve Stopps from Team Lumo, Will Luton from A Thinking Ape, and
Dan Walters from Calvino Noir, gave our two cents on whether viewable gaming is now key in the industry.

Click here to read the full article and find out what we said.

Got kids who want to work in games development? Read on…

June 19, 2016

Just wanted to get some thoughts down as today our thoughts might turn to parenting and also my thoughts havetumblr_n00f1o4awr1t35wr0o1_1280 been on recruitment of late too. So I’m a games developer and I’ve made my living making games for the last (almost) couple of decades. I’ve been an employee meaning I’ve had to get that job and  running small studios has meant I’ve sat on the other side of the desk too; So over the years I’ve received many, many emails from people looking for work experience and a job. I’ve read though many, many CVs and I’ve conducted many interviews. I get asked sometimes how a young person still at school can not only get to the point of getting an interview but also get a job doing the thing they love. So here’s my advice for kids still in school (and parents to chat with them about it)…

  • Try hard at school. Yup; this is key (good news, parents!) you might be thinking but what does English comprehension or  geography have to do with making games? Just let me play Minecraft! Hang on, the answer is a lot. Making games is hard work. It’s a complex ever-changing field and the people I work with are smart and dedicated. They are good learners because they need to continue learning. The ability to apply yourself, to concentrate on a task, to take in new knowledge is essential. The best, best place to learn how to learn is school and then keep that habit going!
  • Maths (or math if you’re reading this from the US!). Yup, maths. When I was in school I remember doing trigonometry and the teacher said that while we needed to know this for the exam, we’d probably never use it. He was wrong. The basis of 3D graphics is polygons and the basis of those is triangles. The maths of how triangles work underpins all of our work in making games. But the need to get on with maths does not end there; game art is very technical as well as creative, game design means you need to understand and create the stats of the game and the systems that they use, game production relies on analytics to guide development and more. I’m not saying you need to be a genius at maths but you need to see, at the very least, maths as your friend.

In production: Dark Future.

  • Effort matters not ideas. Yup. Don’t think ‘I’m good at idea, so I’m going to be good at making games’. Ideas are step one. The easy bit. I’m surrounded by people each working day fizzing with ideas, we have too many we know what do with. What matters is the ability to take those ideas, to forge them with knowledge and skill and temper them with effort and teamwork into something really valuable; a game. Like anything in life being good a something is not innate, it comes from hard work.
  • Don’t just play games. Be into other things. Yup, while I do look for a passion for games when I do interviews, I’m also interested in people who have interests and experiences from outside games. Many of the best ideas for games come from inspiration and/or experience from other areas merged into games development. If all you know is Call of Duty then you’re going to be good at making a Call of Duty game. But we’ve got several Call of Duty games already; players want new and interesting takes on things. I’m interested in people who are omnivorous in their interests; so love science, reading, films, music, nature, sport, cats… whatever floats your boat. Just don’t fill it only with games. Examples – being inspired by science or using a bad thing in your life as a source of ideas for a game.
  • Get on with people. Why? Making games is almost always a very collaborate process. You’ll be working in tightly knit teams often under intense creative pressure. It’s great fun, I still all this time late love that feeling of a well oiled team making it work. But that means being a good communicator, being open to other people’s idea, being a good team made. Being ‘good’ at social, like everything else takes practice. When you’re in school making that effort to talking to people, to get out of your comfort zone making friends and all that; invaluable.

Hope that helps! Feel free to tweet me any thoughts and/or questions. If you want to know what we’re working on, stick your email in here. If making games if your dream, I hope to one day bump into you at E3, Develop or Gamescom and chat. I’d love to be playing your game and thinking, ‘wow, amazing game, wish I’d been on that team!’

I’m going to be talking at games development event #Developconf in Brighton in July…

May 22, 2016

Yup, looking forward to being in the amazing Brighton by the sea and catching up with all the fab development talent that the event bring together. It will be at 3pm on 12th July … Here’s our post on it..

[Tomas will] be going into depth on how Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms are maturing, why high profile IPs and developers with large communities are finding success, and what smaller indie studios can do to get the traction they need.

To add to that, the project I’m going to be talking about is Elections of US America Elections: The Card Game. But I’m keen to include other hints and tips from any other devs! So feel free to let me know any..

Here’s the KS video from that project…

Had fun at #WarhammerFest, Showed Dark Future Gameplay for First Time..

May 16, 2016

So we were kindly invited by Games Workshop to their annual bash aka WarhammerFest and we had a great time. We got to see some amazing models…

And catch up with friends and acquaintances including the brilliant James Swallow…

But what we had been invited for was to give s first ever sneak peak of the gameplay of Dark Future…

We did a couple of seminars there with other devs and gave this pre-alpha look under the bonnet of the game (pun intended) and got some amazing responses from people! So a big thanks to the fellow fans there for the welcome. We’ll be posting some info and Vines from the presentation very soon! If you want to know more, sign up here…