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Humanodes routing around Damage/Censorship

February 18, 2010

There is an old (on the Internet) saying; the web interprets censorship as damage and simply routes round. This is a key point as the internet was designed to route around the damages caused by a nuclear strike – so routing around censorship is child’s play. While the technical routing around damage/censorship is one thing, how people respond is not dissimilar;

You may recall that the Italian Supreme Court recently decided that it was okay for a lower court to block The Pirate Bay (the lower court is now deciding what to do), but in response, it appears that users have already figured out how to scatter to other sites, as many other torrent sites have seen an influx of Italian users. Another mole whacked, and yet, more keep popping up. It’s difficult to see how this is a particularly good strategic policy.

This reminds me of a story I heard last year when the Danish ISPs were forced by a court ruling to block The Pirate Bay – the humanodes (people as network-nodes) responded by emailing friends outside Denmark and asking them to download the torrent file they were after and email it back. This idea is, of course, viral – so you can then fw that email with the torrent to many others and they can too. Humanodes routing around damage/censorship.

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