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Savage Moon Goes Billion!

September 4, 2010

Fans of our games email us – and I always read and respond, even if they don’t like them. Sometimes they email us ideas, hints and tips – which we always consider. Sometimes we get praise from them and this is always the best bit. it makes all the hours of work – including the late nights you’ve done to get the same out – worth it. Good reviews are great, but nothing is a satisfying as a fan, who’s shelled out their hard earned cash on your game, telling you that it’s been worth it. Sometimes, they write with even better news – I quote (with permission):

I had started a vengeance mode on iMoon Jikininki and by the time I was on wave 300 I knew I might have a shot on getting myself of the scoreboard. The unfortunate thing is I also have a life, so my poor playstation has to go on pause while I go about doing other things …. Now, I am on wave 800+, 14+ hours, and still going very strong. Apparently my playstation is getting tired and is begging me to let have a break. My husband is ALSO begging me to give it a break since he cannot play pinball or use the Blue-ray since I will not allow him to come close to the console. … On wave somewhere between 700-750, I had the fortunate (or misfortune) opportunity to hit the 1 Billion mark in my score, but as soon as that happened, the numbers have disappeared to be replaced with two plus signs (++)… Please refer to attached photo –

Savage Moon Lapped!

Yes indeed – she (and another guy who emailed us) has lapped the game! Woo! When we designed the score system I was not sure how much further what we had built would be pushed by gamers – and they’ve exceeded any expectations. I’m soooo proud!

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