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Game Piracy: Out-pirate the pirates!

September 30, 2010

This is an interesting post – that the best way to deal with piracy is by making your games more widely available and cheaper:

By making games more readily accessible, faster to skim and easier to pass along to friends, game makers may actually be doing more to combat piracy than any lawsuit or fancy technical countermeasure ever could.

This chimes with other’s view on how to combat music piracy via the same methods:

The truth is, file sharing’s a pain in the neck and most people only do it when there isn’t a good alternative.

You need to get to grips with BitTorrent and in some cases muck around with ports; you run the risk of faked, incomplete or poor quality files; your downloads might be throttled by your ISP; and you’re entirely reliant on other people seeding the files you want – which is fine for popular, recent, mainstream stuff but not so good for anything else.

Compare that with services such as Spotify. We’ve had much more luck finding obscure tracks on Spotify than on BitTorrent, we don’t need to worry about ISP throttling or whether there are enough seeders and if you go for the premium version you can take your music with you on an iPhone, on an iPod touch, on Android phones and on Symbian ones, too.

When you’ve got that, why would you bother with BitTorrent?

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