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Swarm Video for Radiohead

October 24, 2010

This project interested me – it’s a peer/crowd (or swarm as the nodes doing the information gathering are in clusters…) sourced video of the band Radiohead playing a gig where the video footage taken en mass is edited down to a single video.  It’s a great idea that gives a massed crowd-eye view of the action:

If you’ve been to a gig recently, you may have wondered what, if anything, people actually do with the shaky concert footage they insist on filming on their cameras and phones. Usually, the answer lies somewhere between “absolutely nothing” and “stick it on YouTube despite the rubbish sound quality”. But not in the case of 62 fans who went to Radiohead‘s Prague show last summer. They pooled their footage together before editing it into a two-hour film of the show. The result, available at, is still on the shaky side of things (motion-sickness sufferers beware), but it certainly makes for an absorbing fans’-eye view of the concert. The cherry on top, though, is that Radiohead gave the fans their high-quality audio recordings of the show to soundtGrack it, thus elevating the project from an intriguing curio to an essential watch/listen.

And how are they distributing the 7.23 GB resultant project? By torrents, of course

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