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Got a cool idea that involves games & biomedical science? Get £30k to develop it…

October 25, 2010

TIGA (the Independent Game Developers Association) is helping to promote the Wellcome Trust’s people awards – which is great news and a good opportunity if you’re a small dev studio looking to do something different:

People Award £30K Grants available for small games projects that explore the impact of biomedical science.

The Wellcome Trust, the second largest charitable foundation in the world, has a small grant scheme that enable you to explore the impact of biomedical science on society, its historical roots, effects on different cultures, or the ethical questions that it brings. Games are a great platform for exploring these issues and we invite proposals using this medium and we’re interested in what ideas you may have. The project aims to encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to consider, question and debate the key issues of now and the future. We want people to be informed, inspired and involved. The People Awards support projects that aim to achieve at least one of the following:

* stimulate interest, excitement and debate about biomedical science through various methods
* support formal and informal learning about biomedical science
* reach new audiences not normally engaged with biomedical science, as well as continuing to target existing audiences
* examine the social, cultural, historical and ethical impact of biomedical science
* encourage new ways of thinking about biomedical science
* encourage high quality interdisciplinary practice and collaborative partnerships
* investigate and test new methods of engagement, participation and education.

Applicants can apply for up to £30 000, for projects lasting a maximum of three years.

Organisations might include: museums and other cultural attractions; arts agencies; production companies; broadcast media; schools; local education authorities; universities and colleges; youth clubs; community groups; research institutes; the NHS; and science centres.

Partnership projects (between different people and organisations, e.g. scientists and ethicists, educators and artists) are welcomed. It is suggested that a possible approach is to find an organisation (e.g. science centre, museum, NHS trust, educational establishment, research department etc) and/or a scientist/s currently doing working in biomedical areas – then submit a joint proposal to make a game and/or interactive project. We would expect the resulting project would be distributed for free.

Please note: Standard health education and promotion projects, or projects dealing purely with non-biomedical sciences, are not eligible. In addition applicants must be based in the UK or the Republic of Ireland and the activity must take place in the UK or the Republic of Ireland. Finally, applicants need to need to have enough experience to demonstrate that they can deliver the project to a high standard.

* 29th October 2010
* 28th January 2011

There is more information including applications forms, lists of past applications etc online:

Any questions and queries can be directed to; – however please check the website for answer before emailing questions to us.

I should note that Auroch Digital – my new venture is working with the Wellcome Trust on this and a few other things…

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