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Sneak Peak into Mountains of Madness Script (possibly?!?)

October 26, 2010

So I came across this blog, which in turn came across this review of an older script version of the alleged script for the forthcoming 3D Lovecraft epic to be directed by Del Toro.  I think you’d need a good Libary Skills roll to confirm the authenticity of this, but it’s fun anyway:

Those who perceive Lovecraft merely as an eccentric who wrote about some cool mega-monsters with lots of tentacles and slimy orifices are in for a treat here. Because that’s ALL of Lovecraft they’re gonna get. … It is a period piece: the frame story takes place in 1939, at the very beginning of World War 2 … but the bulk of the film is made up of a flashback narration by the last survivor of the previous expedition to the South Pole from 1930. Of course, it is told to the chief of the new expedition going there… This being a classic, I guess there’s no need for going too much into details, you know the plot. Scientists go to Antarctica, find remnants of primaeval, alien creatures, reveal terrible things about the (pre)human history. In this version, it is somewhat simplified into: Scientists go to Antarctica, resurrect primaeval monsters, mayhem ensues.

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