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Sony cuts PSPgo Price – A good start, more needed in post-iPhone world…

October 28, 2010

So the intertubes are saying that Sony plans to cut the price of the PSPgo in the US from $250 to $199.  This is a good start and I hope they follow up with more for this platform.

Why?  First off, the PSP version of Savage Moon was a game I was really proud of and from a purely self-interested point-of-view it would be good to spread the word.

But also, as a gamer and a developer, the PSP is a great platform, but one that has arrived in the post-iPhone world and it needs to recognise that.  It needs to push it’s better graphics and great controls system.  It needs to push the connectivity.  It also needs to revisit basic – but vital stuff – the shop system, the ease of access, the web-browser and so on.

For the PSPgo to grow, it needs to look again at it’s grounding…

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