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How is Windows Phone 7 doing? (Updated)

November 6, 2010

I blogged a bit about the new Windows Phone 7 and both how important it is for Microsoft to make an impact here to stray relevent as a technology company and how hard it is going to be as Google, Apple and RIM are already well established. So a couple of weeks after launch, how is it going? Quite well it seems (at least in the UK…):

It appears that Microsoft may have a success on their hands with their latest operating system, Windows Phone 7, especially when it comes to the United Kingdom and on the Orange network

According to an article over on Digital Trends by Jeffrey Van Camp, The Register has stated that Orange UK and sold out of Windows Phone 7 devices and thus in response to demand Orange is now allowing pre-orders for WP7 devices and offering a £20 HMV voucher for those having to wait for their device.

I’ve seen the TV adverts, and I have to say, it does not really say much about why this phone is so different from the others. It does have quite a nice interface and some good ideas about functions… plus it is early days yet…

Updated! Since I wrote this original post the situation has changed somewhat.  We still don’t have exact figures for the sales of Windows Phone 7.  Some are suggesting that the lack of sales figures are not positive news.  Then Microsoft said it has sold over 2 million phones worldwide.  However in context while it’s not bad – its also not amazing.  Apple sold 8.5 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2010 alone.  This Christmas, over the same period as the lunch of Windows Phone 7, the Blackberry claimed the UK crown for sales, selling half a million in the UK alone.

And then Microsoft and Nokia announced a joint deal and the smart-phone war was back on…

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