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More on PS3 Move’s Progress

November 10, 2010

Following on from this post on the new Sony Move, and with both Nintendo pushing an enhanced Wii and Microsoft pushing Kinect, the motion control game is afoot.  Here’s what Sony had to say:

Sony's Move Stats

Couple of comments – it says 1 million shipped – this is not the same as sold (a mistake I’d made, hat-tip to Glennw).  While the stats on this – such as that more than 60% of people interested in PS3 Move already own a Wii – are interesting, some information about region and smaple size to allow us to assess this would have been nice.  That said, I do think Wii users will migrate to PS3/xbox360 over time as, while the Wii is fun, it does now look a little dated…

But interesting that GameStop think that Kinect will outsell Move… this Xmas.

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