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iPhone Goes Triple A with Infinity Blade

December 14, 2010

I had blogged about the impressive technology of Epic’s 3D technology.  Now the game behind the demo is out and doing really well..

What does it mean for the humble indie when Epic Games delivers the fastest-grossing App Store game in its first real attempt Epic Games’ first fully-fledged iOS game has become the fastest grossing App Store title of all time, according to independent data.

Infinity Blade, which runs on a modified Unreal Engine for smartphones, is said has generated $1,625,000 in just 4 days.

News site Appmodo suggests the sales spree makes Infinity Blade the fastest-grossing game ever released on the App Store.

“The previous record was set by Cut the Rope with over $1 million in 10 days,” the site claims.

Congrats to the Epic people.  That’s an amazing achievement – but then the technology is a quantum leap from what was on the phone already.  The price point is higher that most pay games at £3.50 (about $5 is it?) but I think that is totally worth it.

I’ve been playing it and there is a vibe to the game like Dragon’s Lair – that’s no bad thing!  The battles thus far are set pieces where you dodge and slash.  It fits the platform well and its great fun hacking at foes.

Infinity Blade on iPhone

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