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More on how Move and Kinect are Doing…

December 15, 2010

I’m interested to follow the progress of both Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Kinect as natural motion controls come to the next generation.  So this article caught my interest:

Whereas Sony has encouraged new Move titles (several available for download from the PlayStation Store) alongside Move-compatibility patches for games like Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, the titles which happen to be selling best right now are of the latter category. We also can’t say for sure that those sales are motivated by Move compatibility.

Microsoft, however, has required that the focus be on Kinect-only games, and the sales chart above clearly shows that they are reaching their target: music games, fitness games, and family-friendly games.

There are no solid figures in it we can use to compare the two however, partly as the differing approaches outlined above make it harder to compare like with like. However the article seems to suggest that Kinect is doing better overall.

On a side note, the article says that 2010 was the first year since launch (in 2000) that the Playstation 2 (yes 2) did not sell over 1 million units. Wow – that is impressive that even as late as 2009 the old classic was still topping 1 million units sold…

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