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Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales in Bristol

January 13, 2011

I’m at the Watershed and have just said a brief ‘hi’ to Jimmy Wales as he arrives in Bristol to give a talk. We are at the Watershed and there is a small group of people – bloggers and volunteers for Wikipedia here to greet him. I’ve just been chatting to one of the volunteer editors, who put himself as an Inclusionist in the debate over the general direction that Wikipedia should take regarding content. I’m not a Wikipedia editor, though I do contribute and in general I’m with the Inclusions. I’ve used Wikipedia to help me with my PhD research (it’s a great starting point for topic areas) and used to get a bit of context when watching trashy horrors. The more there is, the more I’ll use it and the more places I can contribute.

Update!  Here is the link to a video of the talk.  Enjoy.

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