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Designing a Close in Fight?

January 14, 2011

I was watching the Bourne Ultimatum on TV recently and there is a fantastic fight scene between Jason Bourne and a fellow assassin/agent. The fight is fast, visceral and very, very close in. The action flows between the two combatant who are in an enclosed space and they make use of the space and objects around to carry the action. You can see it in the YouTube clip below, it’s from 2.30 into the video onwards…

Now I don’t yet think we’ve managed to capture that sense of fighting in games. Traditional fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter, while fun, have too much distance to capture this. First person games, while great for shooting, lose a sense of danger to the person that third-person games get. I wonder if that sense will come from the new motion controllers? They offer a sense of physicality to the movement so might be able to lift it. Now, I know the film is choreographed and edited, but so is the combat in a game like Vanquish – more so even.  Vanquish is on the right path to capturing the visceral impact of the Bourne fight, so perhaps capturing this essence is closer? My gut feeling is that it will come from third-person and not first-person games, but who knows?

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