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Filth Fair, Adam and Eve…and Naughty Bits

March 20, 2011

This is a fun write up of the issues we had passing Filth Fair though the iTunes approval process:

The point of the Wellcome Trust publishing the game is that it’s part of its Dirt Season, which also features a BBC TV series, an exhibition in London, and various other events at ‘dirty locations in the UK’.

But it wasn’t all the talk of poo and other excremental substances that got the game into trouble.

Instead, it appears a couple of bare breasts were the cause of the problem – as you can see in these before and after images, taken from a pre-release version of the game we had access to, and the version now available on the App Store.

Still, the good news is you can now get Filth Fair – which is a free app – for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, although for some reason it’s age-rated 17 so you’ll get a warning popup to click through when you download it.

You can download the game, free, from the iTunes store…

Download Filth Fair for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

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