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Monday Morning Gamification: Correct My Text Up

June 27, 2011

This is another interesting use of Gamification; correcting text:

One more step, and a tiny creature will cross the bridge and get to safety. Just one more step – but letters do not match, the fragile structure blows up and the brown mole falls into a digital abyss. But as Juha Valtamo, a 21-year-old Finnish student, correctly types the next word that appears on the screen of his laptop, another mole happily reaches the destination.

Digitalkoot may sound like a typical online game – but there is more to it than just building bridges and saving moles. Every time players complete a level, they help with a real-life task – digitising huge archives of Finland’s National Library. Developed by Finnish start-up business Microtask, Digitalkoot – which means digital volunteers in Finnish – combines two very hot trends in today’s business world: gamification and crowdsourcing. Words that players need to type come from millions of pages of newspapers, magazines and journals, digitised by optical character recognition. But since machines are prone to make mistakes, a human eye is necessary to weed them out.

While playing, gamers inadvertently cross-check each other, thus ensuring complete accuracy of the word before it gets the final approval.

Great idea!
(Hat-tip to Edward for the link)

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