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It Is a Good Time to Be a Game Content Creator

September 10, 2011

It seems that there are a whole host of new platforms that are both out and coming out soon – 3DS, iPhone, Android phones, Windows Mobile, iPad, PSVita and now all the other tablets to compete with Apple, such as the BlackBerry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy and the HTC Flyer.  Then along comes another, Sony again but this time with the Tablet S:

What all these platforms will need is new content – especially content that is formatted for that platform and takes advantages of its own features. Thus far the biggest form of content the iPad has seen appear is games. As such there has never been a better time to be creating content – that is not to say it is easy – far from it. As there are so many others also creating games, there’s much competition so us gamers are spoilt for choice. But the spaces to publish games are growing all the time… I did title this It Is A Good Time to Be a Game Content Creator but perhaps ‘It Is A Good Time to Be a Gamer’ would have been better 😉

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