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Star Command Game Raises $20,000 in Crowd-Sourced Funds

September 11, 2011

A big well done to the people at Star Command, the developers of an up-and-coming strategy management game set in space. It looks like it is going to be a cool game and I’m looking forward to it. The ‘well done’ to them and their fans is because they have managed to raise over $21K or a $20K target to help develop the game…and in just 5 days!

What is interesting is how the numbers break down for the fundraising. They offered 4 donation categories from $5 to $1000;

  • $5 Option – Donators get the in-game music.  61 people pledged this, so 61×5=total $305
  • $25 option – Donators get above plus special promo code for extra content and free DLC.  576 chose this.  576×25 = total $14,400
  • $100 option – Donators get above plus t-shirt, poster and map.  49 people chose this. 49×100 = total $4900
  • $1000 option – Donators get above plus can be an in-game character. 1 person chose this.  Total $1000
It’s is interesting that most people went for the $25 option and not the cheapest one and almost a quarter of the total cash raised came from just 50 of the 687 who donated.  Indeed the single $1000 donor option raised three times more than the cheapest option, not to denigrate that, as every little helps.  However it does show that giving people a range of points where they can interact is the best. (More here)

Star Command screenshot

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