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Q and A about The Wasted Land on Slide to Play

October 23, 2011

There is an Q&A with myself and Stu from Red Wasp Design on Slide to Play!

For Wasted Land, was Lovecraft’s world just something you guys wanted to play with so you built a game concept around it, or did that come later?

Tomas: I’ve been a Lovecraft fan for many, many years. It started with playing the Call of Cthulhu RPG back in the ’80s, then progressed to his books. Since I started working in games, I’ve been wanting to do a Mythos title, so Wasted Land is really bringing those two itches of Lovecraft and turn-based together to scratch!

Taking Lovecraft into gaming is always tricky. How do you consider the tension and horror elements in a tactical game? Merely having enemies suddenly respawning in at inopportune times would seem like a bit of a letdown.

Tomas: It’s a hard proposition, in part because of the limits of a mobile device. Once something is reduced down to that size, it loses a bit of the horror… However, we’re looking to build the tension from the balancing of the gameplay– it’s not a shoot-’em-up where you can easily kill wave after wave of enemies. We want you to feel like you’re always in danger. The sound is also an important area. We’re working closely with two sound designers to build an audio setting that we hope unsettles the player.

Full article is here.

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land HMG action!

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