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December 14, 2011

Microsoft are going to go all ‘appy’ with Windows 8 – and if you sell enough offer 80% of the income from sales:

During a Windows 8 preview program for developers, Microsoft vice president of Windows web service Antoine Leblond said that the upcoming Windows Store would be an “opportunity” for developers.

“We want to return as much money as we can into the hands of developers,” said Leblond. “And we want to provide the best economics of any platform. It’s not a small opportunity. It’s not even a medium one or a large one. In fact, it’s the most significant developer opportunity ever.”

Developers keep 70 percent of the revenue made until their app reaches $25,000 in total sales. That cut goes up after that point, moving to an 80 percent take.

While a new indie game finding service aims to help connect gamers with new games:

IndieCity, a digital games destination for independent developers only, incorporates an recommendations system that customises the storefront for each individual user.

The platform’s creator, Blitz Games Studios, believes the sophistication of the recommendations engine is an elegant solution to discoverability issues within the oceanic indie games market.

This article from the social games event held recently is also worth a read.

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