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Global Games Jam Bristol Gets Going! (an update)

January 28, 2012

Bristol’s part of the Global Games Jam has got going and it’s looking good so far. We’ve had a huge turnout for the event and I was a bit worried we’d not all find space to work in the PM Studio, but thankfully we’ve just about all squeezed in. We’ve got the theme: Ouroboros and development has started. For my part, I’m in a great team along with Dan from Thought Den and we’re working on a game that subverts the traditional platform game: Death Wish Zero. The idea is that rather than trying to complete a level, you are trying to die. You control a video game character trapped in game world and tired of the routine of living and dying.  It wants out and so the aim of each level is to lose a life by dying before the time is up. We’re just at the beginning stages but our tech people have found a great open source 2D level tool called OGMO and there is a help guide here. So using that, here is my first stab at a level using OGMO…

OGMO Level for game in Global games Jam

OGMO Level for game in Global games Jam

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