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European Mobile Stats

February 2, 2012

From GamesBrief:

The mobile games market in the EU

(Source: Jeremy Copp, Commscore)

  • Over 40% of the total EU5 audience now use mobile media.
  • Smartphone ownership has now reached 94 million – that’s equal to 40% of the population
  • 59% of phone devices sold are smart phones, and that number is growing
  • Android’s market share has increased from 8% in September 2010 to 26.2%, while iPhone ownership has stayed at around 20%
  • Meanwhile, RIM’s share of the smartphone market plummeted between September 2010 and September 2011, from 81.8% to 33.9%
  • Smartphone owners are 237% more likely to use mobile media, though Microsoft and Symbian OS users are less likely to do so.
  • The most installed app type is arcade games, and the most purchased are card and casino games.
  • 25% of mobile phone users (62 million consumers) have played a mobile game in the past month. 13 million play every day. Most games played are pre-loaded onto the handset. Browser game play is in the minority, but still accounts for 4 million players.
  • 60% added two games in a month. The heavy users downloading 5 or more made up 12%.
  • Chat and gifting are not popular ways to engage socially in a game compared to leaderboards, invites and multiplayer modes.
  • 15% of players have made an IAP in their entire history of app use. 42% of the IAP sold are virtual goods. Does 15% seem low to you? Read about power laws and learn why you will still make money.
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