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Blast from My Past: Great Escape Review, Empire Magazine

March 9, 2012

I’ve been tidying up piles of old magazines and the like at home and came across a pile of magazines I’d purchased when the game version of Great Escape came out in September 2003. I plan to scan them all in and so recycle the physical copies. Here’s a sample of what I found from the film magazine Empire Sept 03:

This was the first game I was the lead designer on and others did not but I learned a lot from the project. The game sold well on release; making no.2 in the UK chart (kept off the top spot by Eye Toy). I got to watch and read a lot of WW2 books/films in doing the research for the game, which was great. I remember sitting there in Pivotal’s AV room watching the classic Stalag 17 and thinking ‘I’m getting paid to do this!!!’. Indeed.

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