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Diablo III Sounds Fun

April 8, 2012

I like RPGs and I enjoyed Diablo II, so I’m temped by III…

A few hours into the Diablo III beta, the index finger of my right hand started to hurt. The sequel toBlizzard’s action-RPG classics is exactly what you’d expect: a furiously frantic finger-fest, forcing you to click, click, click, and click some more.

Sensibilities dictate that, when your extremities start hurting, you should probably stop whatever it is causing the pain. I didn’t. I kept clicking, again and again, racking up experience points and the corpses of the dead. It had only been a few hours, but Diablo III had me hooked: another adventurer passing through Sanctuary, destined to find out its secrets.

Those secrets start unravelling from the moment you enter the world, with every cellar and underground cavern holding the promise of deep, magical lore. The world is constantly padded out with detail, whether it’s through ancient annuls lost among ruins, or Deckard Cain doing his best Professor Oak impression and weighing in with some information about the creatures you’ve just vanquished.

Interestingly I remember one of the developers saying that they are not going to be judged against what Diablo III is vs. I and II but what people remember Diablo I and II to be – which is going to be different (memory is imperfect and the context is very different) all-round. (Also see this).

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