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Draw Something and Virality

May 9, 2012

So I’ve finally submitted to the craze and started playing Draw Something.  Hats off to OMGPOP, it’s a great game.  Simple, accessible and fun.  But what most impresses me about it is the sheer virality – by connecting to Facebook to find players, it means you don’t need to have the game to play it, but it does encourage you to get it so you can join in.  This is far from the first game to use such methods, but I think it is a great example of how to do it.  What is also interesting is that without it, the game is nothing.  It needs that connectivity and virality to work.  Interestingly I was at an event at the Wellcome Trust yesterday and chatting with people about this and other games.  One of the other attendees talked about how her family were all gathered in one room, all playing the game.  Even though it is a networked game, it also worked as a located group game – and a family game too.

Draw Something on iOS: My piccy of ketchup

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