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US Gamer Profile Moves Towards Mobile

September 12, 2012
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This is interesting, about the changes in the profile of US gamers:

The NPD Group today announced that there are about 211.5 million gamers in the US, which is down five percent compared to last year. The firm’s newest report, Gamer Segmentation 2012: The New Faces of Gamers, notes that of the six gamer segments outlined, only Mobile Gamers and Digital Gamers saw increases in the number of gamers when compared to 2011, with Mobile Gamers up 9 points to 22 percent and Digital Gamers up 4 points to 16 percent.

Importantly, Mobile Gamers now represent the largest gamer segment, ahead of Core Gamers, which was the largest segment in 2011. NPD also said that the Family+Kid gamers segment experienced the most significant decline of an estimated 17.4 million gamers.

Most outlets have gone on the drop of the total number of gamers in the US, which given how much the population has grown year-after-year is not that big of a deal:

NPD analyst Anita Frazier says these shifts in the gamer segments aren’t surprising, considering the longer life cycles of the current home console generation, and the increasing installed base of smartphones and tablets.

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