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Wellcome Trust’s Gamify Your PhD contest winner Dysbiosis released today

August 28, 2013

The very talented Force of Habit have released a game created as part of Gamify Your PhD:

Tuesday 27th August 2013, Bristol, UK – Wellcome Trust’s Gamify Your PhD contest winner Dysbiosis released today.

Dysbiosis is an intestinal-tract based shoot-’em-up supported by Wellcome Trust as the winning entry into their “Gamify Your PhD” game jam event, developed by Force Of Habit in collaboration with Clockwork Cuckoo.

View the release trailer on YouTube:

Play for free in your Web Browser (Unity plug-in required):

The intestine is a safe haven for trillions of good bacteria that live in symbiosis with it. They form a delicate community, known as the intestinal microflora. Changes to the intestinal microflora – such as the expansion of bad bacteria or the loss of essential good bacteria – are called Dysbiosis.

Fire antimicrobial peptides from the intestinal cell wall at oncoming bacteria. Use antibiotics and absorb vitamins. Maintain a healthy balance inside the gut!
  • 3 game chapters — Healthy, Inflamed & IBD/Crohn’s Disease.
  • 3 enemy types — E-coli, Salmonella & Campylobacter.
  • Play with Keyboard, Mouse or Game Controller.
  • MUCUS PARTY bonus event.
  • Online Highscores.
  • Game designed around real intestinal immunology studies.
  • Links to learn more about the specific scientific concepts featured in the game.
For more information about the game, including screenshots, visit the press kit:

I’ve written a bit for the Wellcome Trust blog on the game.

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