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Renewed Interest in Endgame:Syria @MuzzyLane #EndgameSyria

September 3, 2013

Not surprisingly as the crisis in Syria has grown and grown, we’re seen a renewed interesting in Endgame:Syria.

I also talked about the game and its content a lot with the very interesting Muzzy Lane. You can find the post cast over on their blog.

We’ve also had a couple of other articles about the game go up. One by The Escapist magazine:

My first two playthroughs I was aggressive, doing my best to win the war militarily while building international support. The first few turns I made gains using Infantry and Syrian-Kurdish YPG Units, tying up the Regime’s Infantry and destroying their Shabiha militia. When I got the option to use Militants and Mujahideen, I avoided them – who wants those nut jobs, right? I’ve got plenty of International Units comprised of Arab Spring veterans that’ll serve just as well without burning the country down.

That worked until the Tanks came, and the Artillery, and the dreaded Republican Guard. Any one of them could pound my poor Infantry into the ground and buzzsaw through my International Units. The Regime was schooling me every phase, killing my support abroad with diplomatic maneuvering while stomping me on the battlefield. When the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and Choppers appeared on the horizon, I finally caved – I sent in the Militants, just this once.


Also on Pop Matters:

Then I tried to duplicate my victory. Then I tried to duplicate any victory. The play sessions after that minor breakthrough over the next few days were a string of crushing, “burn the land behind you” defeats. Several games in a row, I suffered from a string of random events that stripped all support for the cause. In one game, every single turn had me losing support for one reason or another. Assad’s regime didn’t kill me, the international press did. Infighting, clashes with the Kurdish militia, blame for bombings and fires, all of it drained support for a less than stable cause. In reality, I don’t think it is the rebels’ survival that is the most indicative of victory. It is the support of the people, both domestically and abroad, that matters most. A government showing its support is all fine and dandy, but it isn’t worth as much as the people not losing faith in your cause.

There are numerous ways you can donate to the civilians suffering as this war drags on – for example UNICEF Children’s Fund. I just have. Also worth following Syria Deeply.

Endgame:Syria Screenshot

Endgame:Syria Screenshot

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  1. September 9, 2013 2:19 pm

    Great idea!

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