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Great Science-Themed Free Casual Games

November 20, 2013

OK so you want to get some science on and you’re wanting to have a bit of fun, be it for yourself or to get somebody else engaged with some SCIENCE on!  Here’s a few free casual games that all have great science behind them you might enjoy…

Dysbiosis – This fun action-shooter won the Wellcome Trust’s Gamify Your PhD competition. It turns the actions of your gut wall into fun gameplay.

Cell Invaders
– This won the 2013 Royal Society Game Jam event. It looks at the action of the cell wall as an action-puzzle game.

Quantum Revolution
– A brilliant space-action game that explores Quantum Physics. Also from the Royal Society Game Jam.

– Another Gamify Your PhD entry; this time looking at understanding Malaria as a puzzle game.

There are more games here and here – check them out!

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