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Bristol Games Hub Gets Analogue with Board-Game Jam

November 18, 2013

It’s on!

The non-profit space promoting games development in the South West,  Bristol Games Hub, is taking a bit of a break from digital as it throws open the doors and invites people to join them for an old-school boardgame event. However, rather than just playing boardgames, this time participants are expected to create them. Starting on Friday 22 nd November and on Saturday the 23 rd, the jam challenges game developers and other interested participants to create a new board, card or other non-digital game in just 24 hours. While the games needed to broadly be non-digital, using digital to augment the real-world experience is also encouraged. Prizes will be awarded to the best creations. The event gives an opportunity for those interested in finding out more about the games industry to work alongside experienced developers and together create a new game.

While it may seem very retro in a digital age, boardgames have been undergoing  something of a resurgence in recent years thanks to the rise of crowdfunding and geek-culture. The Kickstarter campaign for ‘Zombicide: Season 2’ raised over $2 million from backers, over 9000% of its original goal. Cthulhu Wars raised over $1.4 million, over 3500% of its original goal and Tammany Hall, a game about political corruption, raised over 430% of its goal to achieve just over $150,000. Games that link the physical to the digital such as Skylanders and Disney’s Infinity have also surged in popularity in both real and virtual worlds. Director of Bristol Games Hub, Debbie Rawlings, said, “Our digital games jams have been hugely popular so we’re always seeking new ways to both challenge the creativity of our residents and encourage new collaborations – going offline is a exciting way to combine our passion for creation with a fun social event.”

Dice, card, counters, meeple and other helpful props, as well as food and refreshments, will be provided for all participants. Tickets for Bristol Games Hub’s Board-Game Jam are free, but going fast –  you can sign up here.

Chainsaw Warrior Original Board Game

Chainsaw Warrior Original Board Game

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