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A Year Ago Today Endgame:Syria Was Released…

December 12, 2013

A year ago today we released Endgame:Syria.  We made the game in 2 weeks, rushing to get it out for what naively seemed that the time like the last days of the Assad regime. That had been a number of attacks on his inner circle and they looked like they were falling… That would opened the possibility to an end to the conflict and an end to the civilian casualties. Sadly the deaths continue.

When we created the game, during the design process, the game seemed to simulate a much more attritional conflict that the media narrative we were seeing. Sadly the accuracy of the simulation has proved to be closer to reality that the media reports I was seeing back then.

As the US and Iran agree a nuclear deal, it seems like that might open the doors for a settlement in Syria. I hope that peace comes there soon as its the people now caught in the middle that are suffering the most in this situation – a situation that has been spiralling out of control for some time now…

You can help the people of Syria by donating to UNICEF here.

Links about the conflict and on Endgame:Syria you might find of interest:

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