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Happy Christmas! (A Brief Message)

December 23, 2015

I’ve not been blogging much of late as work at Auroch Digital has been so busy. We’ve had an amazing 2014 (Dark Future, more Plague Inc: Evolved, Last Days of Old Earth, BBC’s first ever election newsgame plus game jams, talks at events and much more…) and we look forward to an even better 2015!

A few other things then for 2015… You might want to donate to the children of Syria? (We have). Our Chainsaw Warrior titles are on sale, if you fancy a bit of fun over the holidays. For me it’s a time to sit and play games, so I can keep up with all the amazing things that are going on, in the AAA, indie and Mobile spaces. So I’ve got a full list of playing to do!

If you fancy a bit of reading, here’s a few suggestions…

Thanks to all who’ve helped us and we’ve worked with and have a good break…

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