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Details on Gamesforum London & PC Connects 2018…

January 15, 2018

Hello! Just a quick note to say that I’m going to be attending Games Forum, and I’m really pleased to have been asked to speak at it’s 1st event. It’s on 24th/25th Jan 2018. My talk is on how games connect to the real world. (So ovs, something we’ve done a lot of!) I did a Q&A with the kind people at Gamesforum here:

Gamesforum: Auroch Digital is known for its news games project from a number of years ago. Why did the company work on games that could be considered political?

Rawlings: I’d always felt that, as a gamer and a game designer, games were my natural medium to express how I felt about events around me. I just took that idea and ran with it. I’d argue as a counter all games are political – the question is more around if you see the politics. Even games that try to be apolitical are in effect taking a political stance.

Take a basic question like coop or vs in multiplayer – they are rooted in different ideas of how its fun for humans to interact. Cooperation vs competition is a core political idea and the degree to which our societies should/do reflect those aspects is the subject of huge debate. That’s not to say one is better than the other, more we argue about the degree and nuance…

I’m speaking on the 25th at 3.30pm in the County Suite One – if you want to come and listen and ask questions!

Also I’m there on 24th too – so feel free to ping me to hook up!

Plus I’m not the only Auroch there! My colleagues Peter and Nina are also in London this week. Details here.

I’m also going to be at PC Connects too on 22nd. So if your there too and want to chat, let me know. Also others from our team are going to be there too at both events speaking too on various things.

Thanks 🙂

PS. How I sound when I bang on about a thing…

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