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Fear, Loathing, Cards and Cthulhu on the Campaign Trail #Cthulhu2016

February 2, 2016

Proud to announce that I’m working on another project with Cthulhulic themes I’m keen to share with you all. It’s about power, fear, loathing and hope (or the loss of); in short it’s about politics. Yup, that sort of fear and loathing.

We’ve (as in GameTheNews) have teamed up with political satire site Wonkette to create a card game about the US elections, but early on in the process I could not let the opportunity pass to inject a massive dose of Mythos into the design, after all who does not deep-down wish to see Cthulhu for President?


So if this sounds like fun, you can join in the project here. We’re super-keen to get people part of the design process, as we’ve got the game worked out and mapped the content, but know there will be many brilliant ideas floating out there in the ether that we wish to distil into the game.

More info in the video…

So…join us! Join Us! JOIN US!

PS. A few more links:

How Science & Games Can Work Together

January 30, 2016
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I’ve written a guest post for Nesta and the Longitudinal Prize;

In 2011 there was something of a breakthrough in the work to decipher the structure of the Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (M-PMV) retroviral protease, an AIDS-causing monkey virus. The problem had lain unsolved for around 15 years until this latest push resulted in a solution after 10 days of concentrated effort. What is remarkable about this new result is that only some of the people involved were scientists. Most of those who helped to crack the problem were in fact gamers. They had been playing Fold-it, a video game in which players have to manipulate 3D shapes to create a solution to a pre-identified problem. The 3D shapes are in fact proteins and the potential solutions are ones that science is seeking in real life. Fold-it now has over 350,000 players.

MGF Talk: Licensing for indies

January 16, 2016

I’m going to be giving at talk at MGF in London next week. Here’s the info if you’re about!

17:25-17:50pm, 20th January: Licensing for indies: Dr Tomas Rawlings, CEO at Auroch Digital

Learn how to expand the reach of your indie game with the help of licenses in this informative talk. From learning how to reach out to a license holder, managing their expectations and negotiating fair promotion, this is an important primer in an increasingly important part of the mobile games industry.

Our speaker will cover:

• How their company became involved with a license for their mobile games.
• What they have done to manage their relationship with the license holder and how they overcame any problems.
• Their advice for working with a license holder productively.

Happy Christmas! (A Brief Message)

December 23, 2015

I’ve not been blogging much of late as work at Auroch Digital has been so busy. We’ve had an amazing 2014 (Dark Future, more Plague Inc: Evolved, Last Days of Old Earth, BBC’s first ever election newsgame plus game jams, talks at events and much more…) and we look forward to an even better 2015!

A few other things then for 2015… You might want to donate to the children of Syria? (We have). Our Chainsaw Warrior titles are on sale, if you fancy a bit of fun over the holidays. For me it’s a time to sit and play games, so I can keep up with all the amazing things that are going on, in the AAA, indie and Mobile spaces. So I’ve got a full list of playing to do!

If you fancy a bit of reading, here’s a few suggestions…

Thanks to all who’ve helped us and we’ve worked with and have a good break…

Speaking at Newsgame Club on #Syria

September 30, 2015

I’ve pleased to have been invited to Newsgame Club held at The Guardian in London, it’s Syria focused topic:

A meetup for people who work in or around newsrooms and make (or want to make) games. The format for the event will be a short presentations about 3 newsgames followed by a discussion. We have Mamdouh Akbiek and Eloise Dicker from the BBC talking about Syrian Journey, Harriet Grant from the Guardian talking about Fortress Europe, and Dr Tomas Rawlings from GameTheNews (an initiative of Auroch Digital) talking about Endgame:Syria. There will be light snacks and tea/coffee. The Guardian office is located at Kings Place, just 150 metres from King’s Cross and St Pancras Stations, one of the most connected locations in London and now the biggest transport hub in Europe. More details on how to get there. We’ll be on the 2nd floor in the Morning Conference room. Take the elevator up to the 1st floor reception to check in.

If about, come along!

Endgame:Syria Screenshot


Playing and Talking About Games for Good

August 28, 2015

I’m going to be at Soho House in London on the 1st of September along with a great line up of fellow speakers talking about positive uses for games. Here’s the info:

Also please do check out the new game Big Pharma – it looks great and it’s by the talented Tim Wicksteed.

Play 'Big Pharma'

Recent Activity Links Round-up…

August 15, 2015
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We’ve been super-busy of late and I’ve not been able to update here as much as I’d like so here’s a few that I’ve meant to post about what we’ve been up to…

We (Auroch Digital) announced our new title, Dark Future: Blood Red States – much more on that to come. I recently did an interview for Red Thirst. For now, here’s the trailer..

Over with our other Games Workshop co-production, we’ve been busy telling the world about Chainsaw Warrior:


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