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Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night Goes Mobile #60MinsToSaveTheWorld

April 30, 2015

So a couple of weeks ago we got the new Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night out on all platforms. Here’s the trailer:

You can pick a copy up via the store links on the official site.

We were also pretty pleased with this review;

An improved interface and tweaked mechanics make Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night an impressive sequel.

PLAY15 Keynote Talk on Games & Democracy

April 15, 2015

I was very honoured to be opening this years PLAY15 series of talks in Hamburg. It was a great event and the hospitality was amazing! My talk (on Playing Democracy) can be found here.

Huge thanks to all involved! Here’s some related links:

Couple of Guardian Articles

March 9, 2015

I’ve been featured in a couple of Guardian articles, so I thought I’m mark that here on me’ old blog…

The first was on newsgaming ahead of the Guardian/Rezzed/Creative Assembly newsgame jam:

“When you make a newsgame you into into a whole new world of controversy,” says Rawlings. “When we released Endgame, we had people telling us that we were clearly on the side of the regime because the game was difficult so we were trying to put people off siding with the rebels; then we had people saying that, because you play on the rebel side, the game is pro-rebel.

“So you hit all those journalistic issues to do with bias, but then you also hit the issue of it being a game. That happened a lot with Narco – people said ‘how dare you treat this serious issue as a game’. You have to be prepared to stand by your work, even more than if you’d have written a song or an essay. You need to say, no, a game can be sensitive to the material.”

The second was some commentry on the new Apple Watch…

“One area I’m interested is in how this might be used for board games. This form has been undergoing a renaissance in recent years as crowdfunding has connected players with creators. You can see the tentative steps in this area with games like One Night Ultimate Werewolf, which uses a companion app to assist the gameflow. Linking that app to a player and their movements adds lots of possibilities; think Cluedo played around the house or Hide and Seek 2.0…”

In other news I’ve been channeling the spirit of 80s/90s B-Movies….

An Update – Some Things I’ve Been Up to…

February 27, 2015

It’s been quiet of late on the blog because life at Auroch Digital and has been so busy! I wanted to post a few updates here…

But first – Also wanted to say congrats to @DebbieCowho was listed in the top 100 women in gaming by MCV and the Green Capital Digital Challenge she was producing has been a huge success so far!


We’ve also released Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night!

Which is now on Steam, with mobile to follow… (some of the coverage is here)

Also the AHRC put out a short video looking at games and included Jack the Ripper: Shadow Over Whitechapel…

I was on BBC World Service’s Click program…

January 5, 2015

Just before Christmas 2014 I was featured on Click on World Service as part of a show on ‘serious games; News organisations turn to video games to attract a younger audience and readership.’ Also in the program were experts Jane Magonigal, Jo Twist, Alex Fleetwood & Bill Thompson.

Among other titles on the show they featured our NarcoGuerra & Endgame:Syria.

BB Click Serious Games

BBC Click Serious Games (Click/Right Click to Download)

PS. I was also on another BBC program a while back too…

Jack The Ripper — 5 Mysteries Within the Mystery…

December 13, 2014

As part of the thinking and research for the Jack the Ripper project we’re doing, I’ve been putting pen to paper about my thoughts on the case. (Well finger to keyboard anyway…)

Over the decades hundreds of theories have been put forward as to the identity of the killer; but while it’s certainly the biggest mystery of the case, who he was is by no means the whole story. One of the things that make the search for the culprit both interesting and confusing is that you soon encounter layer upon layer of further mystery surrounding the case. Below are five lesser known mysteries that are hidden within the puzzle of who Jack the Ripper was…

Green Capital Digital Challenge Registration Opens!

November 4, 2014

There is a great gamejam/hack opportunity coming up that DebbieCo is helping organise!

Bristol 2015, the company established to facilitate Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, is asking Europe’s brightest minds to identify new ways that software can be used to tackle environmental challenges in cities in the European Green Capital Digital Challenge. This will include a 48-hour Digital Challenge Hack Weekend on the 6-8 February hosted during Digital Bristol Week, produced by the BBC.

This two stage challenge will see teams of developers together with digital and environmental experts compete for the chance to scoop cash prizes of up to £50,000 to stimulate innovation in the development of software applications and games, addressing five environmental challenges: energy, transport, food, resources and nature.

Andrew Garrad, Chairman of Bristol 2015, commented: “The Green Capital Digital Challenge is about bringing together creative digital experts to generate innovative thinking that facilitates change. We hope this challenge will create software applications and games that enable businesses and many different people to easily engage with and think about our environmental challenges and make positive changes in their everyday lives.

This challenge will be a key component of Digital Bristol Week and sits within a wide-reaching programme of activities and events that will showcase Bristol’s achievements and ambition in green technology.”

Stage 1: 48-hour Digital Challenge Hack Weekend, 6-8 February

Stage 1 begins in January 2015 and culminates in a 48-hour Digital Challenge Hack Weekend in which teams of up to five people will come together over the weekend of 6-8 February at Bristol’s Watershed to create apps/games, competing for a prize of £50,000 to develop the full product to launch.

At this stage judges will select between three to six finalists, each of whom will receive £5,000 to develop their ideas further.

Stage 2: Digital Challenge Final and Awards Ceremony, 20 April

Stage 2 will see one of the shortlisted finalists receive £50,000 to develop a full product and see another team win a Peoples’ Choice Award of £10,000 for further development work. 

The Digital Challenge Final and Awards Ceremony will be hosted at the Youth Summit on 20 April 2015 in Colston Hall.

How to get involved

Teams can find out more information and register to take part now at: to express your interest in being selected to attend as a team. The organisers will select the best teams with the requisite skills to give the Challenge the best chance of success.

The deadline for expressions of interest will be 1 January 2015 and the selected teams will be notified by 16 January 2015.

This Digital Challenge is part of a yearlong series of activities and initiatives that make up the International GreenTech Festival.

To keep up to date on all the latest news and events from Bristol 2015 you can also follow @Bristol_2015 on Twitter or join the conversation on Facebook


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