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News-Games and Endgame:Syria

February 13, 2013

I’ve got a guest post up on the GamesForChange blog:

A news-game needs to be responsive to events and feedback. The first point here stands to reason; if you can’t produce a game fast enough for it to be topical, then it is no longer a news-game. The second point is also important; what we create is not the last word on that topic. As a story evolves, so should we be able to evolve the game too. Again this is a method we’re applying with Endgame:Syria, amending the content in response to feedback to improve its accuracy (some of this is from Syrians in the midst of the conflict) and also adding new events such as Scud attacks and fears of WMDs. This also underlines the fact that a news-game is not the ‘whole story’. Nobody expects only a single news story for a major event. We are in the same position with news-games.

(There are more responses to the game hereherehere and finally here.) 

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