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Innovation and First Person Shooters

February 20, 2014

I enjoy playing FPS games (though I’m not that great at them!) and really enjoyed the split screen versions of Modern Warfare and also Crysis 1 and 2. However the last FPS I purchased and played was the sadly disappointing Crysis 3 (which looked amazing but played very averagely).  The last of Modern Warfare games I got was Black Ops, which was also fun but didn’t really grab me. The last Call of Duty underwhelmed on review, so I didn’t get it. So the question I was wondering is who is pushing forward FPS?

I have a feeling the answer is Titanfall.

I’ve not played it as I don’t have an XboxOne – but it looks great and (importantly) fun. Fast paced, full of cool kit. It does seem like the developers have really thought about how to take FPS further forward.  I have to say I’m now pondering an XboxOne…

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